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"Bring Walls to Life, Live Vibrantly "


"Embrace the boundless potential of love, and witness the vibrant spectrum of colors that paints our world."

"I am a visionary IndoorStreetArtist,

author, energy healer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur.

I am a source of inspiration,

expressing originality and diversity.

My motivation?

To use color as a tool to restore balance and reconnect with harmony.

Experience the journey torwards oneness and balance like never before."


Streetartist Sahan Elisa


"Discover my stunning new work tailored to your needs, space and style"

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Rebecca, MI

I look forward to seeing your painting every day, and I am thrilled that I made the decision to have it. From the very first look, I sensed something extraordinary - the expression that emanates from your soul, a beauty that is simply touching. It defies description. It holds a profound significance for me.

Sabeth Sissi F.,
Teacher and Therapist

This painting has found its way to me because it touches my innermost being. It expresses a special moment of joy in my life, seeming as if it was painted specifically for me.

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There is no other place I'd rather sit than at the foot of this mural. I have the honor of knowing a person who is able to read the souls of living beings so aptly and give them shape with such incredible sensitivity. Thank you so much!!!


Petra, Quality Manager

Dear Ursula Elisa, you have managed to find myself again, to activate my inner calm and to draw strength from this calm for something new, creative. The hours with you were just balm for the soul. You have mastered the art of enchanting people, picking them up and leading them into another world, you are doing them infinitely good with it. I took very, very much more than one painting with me, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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