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Tune into your natural intuition!

My Art, Courses and Coachings

offer a creative space for reconnection
to access and restore the own
source of well-being!



I offer private, group & self studies

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Aquarell-Wäsche Transparent

Sahan'Elisa - Natural Intuition 

Your natural gateway to unlock your highest potential!


I help you to open up your chamber of treasure !

 Live the life you always wanted. Start now!

ruhiger See


 Tune into your pure nature:

"Natural Intuition"

Open your inner portals and discover your own chamber of treasure!

Pink Sand

Life & Business Coaching

Work with me in a creative space to live your dreams and lead yourself into health, love, joy and prosperity!


Visonary Art

Discover the healing power and beauty of art through

my art work for you and your home!


ELISA - Portal Opener
It is all already in you!



Most people search outside for love, health, fulfillment, wealth and happiness.

But all external riches can never reflect the riches of your own pure being and satisfy the deep longing: The passion to bring your true self into this life!


You are already so immensely rich.
End your restless search.

Give yourself reconnection

Connect with your inner treasure chamber

to take a look at your gifts.
Discover the gold of your own being.

Develop your your intuition and creativity.

Live the life you want to live.

Let miracles happen for you.

You don't need a special approach, nor methode or any technique.
The only thing which is needed is the reconnection
into your own natural self.

By following my higher intelligence and by using my intuition and creativity I am living the life I always wanted to live.

As a result, I have already helped many people to reconnect and overcome obstacles.

With my art, messages and online courses, I will guide you to clarify and amplify your own intuitive, creative language and how to use the living forces in your daily life.

Life is a gift and too good to be unhappy, afraid or unfulfilled.

Let us work together to get everything out of the way

that prevents you from living your life in joy and well-being.


My Work:
I do not belong to any political or spiritual group, religion or new age movement, nor do I represent a specific way or represent anyone. I create new ways of working with the body and nature and opening a space for natural prosperity. Everything I am, I experienced by myself. I am a highly creative being who loves to share the own experience.

Find out on this website what I can do for you. I am looking forward to meet you.


Online-Courses and Individual Online Sessions
by Ursula Sahan'Elisa

"How natural power and self-expression

will change your life!"


"...Dear Ursula, you have managed to find myself again, to activate my inner calm and to draw strength from this calm for something new, creative. The hours with you in your wonderful studio were just balm for the soul. It was the culmination of a wonderful holiday in Sardinia. You have mastered the art of enchanting people, picking them up and leading them into another world, you are doing them infinitely good with it. I took very, very much more than one picture with me, for which

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Petra Patenge


— Name, Titel

I did a fantastically beautiful and relaxing art course with Ursula Sahan'Elisa, but it was much more than that. Because, as is so often the case, in stressful everyday life you forget to pay attention to your own balance and inner center. I painted a beautiful painting and found something I thought I had lost: My intuition and self expression


Abstrakt Sand

Thank you for this wonderful course. I'm so happy that I found you. It was the first time I painted a portrait and I felt overwhelmed of what I was able to do. Thank you so much for this great experience. I feel so inspired now. You have such a gift and it always is a pleasure to be with you.

R. Sch.