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Pink Sand

Individual Art Session -
Support for your Work & Life

Are you happy and in abundance with your life?

Do you need help for a change?
Would you like to use your natural gifts to experience true prosperity?

Learn to direct the power of your passion, intuition and imagination by using the power of your mind in your daily life. With my creativity coaching we will ignite your power and clarify the requirements to bring you into natural flow, joy and abundance.



Ursula Sahan'Elisa

Clarity, guidance and

for your daily life.


Individual Session
Guidance & Way Finding

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of yourself, your being or your life situation?
Are you looking for clarity on your path?

With this counselling I will bring you insights of the essence of your being, clearance and guidance...  and let you recognize your calling!


Personal Consulting - First Aid

Are you looking for Answers, Guidance and Solutions?
Receive help and support in challenging phases of life, individually tailored to your needs and topics

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