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Ursula Sahan'Elisa


My Online-Courses offer reconnection and ground breaking new practice to access and restore the essence of natural well-being!

How passion and self-expression change your life.
Perfect health, loving relationships, joy, prosperity and happiness
are in the natural flow of your life.
What would you do if you knew how to integrate

this miracle into your life now?

Now is your time.
It is the return of the "Feminine".
The "Feminine" is in you.
This force is alive.
It want's to come through.
Through the gifts you brought to this earth:


Your intuition is the natural gateway to unlock your gifts!
  Everything is within this energy!

"My online courses are an invitation to support you during times of great change.

The courses help you to reconnect, find clarity,
self-love and self-empowerment.

You will experience your natural flow of well-being

With this offering I am follwing my call to support all those who feel the call.
It is particularly dedicated to those who want to live their live in pure love, joy and prosperity!

Be part! Sign up!

For whom is Natural Intuition

  • For all who want to find and live their own truth

  • For those who have searched for answers, guidance and support through their own multidimensional being

  • For woman and man who want to find access to their highest self-healing intelligence

  • For people who want to overcome fear, loss, lack, misunderstanding ... - reclaiming their full power

  • For those who have the longing to reconnect with the natural flow of well-being and follow the call

What will you experience

  • You will feel deeply connected with what your heart is longing for.

  • You will understand why you are here and how to express your own gifts

  • You will learn how to use your gifts and the living forces within to master your daily life

  • You will find out more about the language of your multidimensional being

  • You will learn to give form and how to bring our dream, vision into this world

  • You will discover new ways of living your life filled with love, joy and prosperity

How will this work

Through my teachings and guidance I am offering a  space of pure love to help you finding peace, balance and integration.
My courses are recorded, so that you can use this guidance as you feel to participate, in your own speed, at the time and from the place wherever you are.

 There will be no interference in what you are nor initiation of something which doesn't belong to you.


New ONLINE-Course - The Mystical Healing Spirit
 with Ursula Sahan'Elisa!


Awaken the healer in you!

Secrets of the past to open your own healing power!
Experience the activation of the mystical healing spirit
now with me.
13 Steps
(START 21.12.2021 - 02.01.2022)
You can participate easily from your place at home
at your time and space.
It is a magical time for deep cleansing,

healing and transformation, silence, introspection, oracle, visions, wishes,
opening and retrieval of self healing powers.

If you lack health and happiness, if fear and worry torment you, if you do not know how your life will go on, if the external conditions seem to overwhelm you and you have the feeling that you can no longer stand it, then this course will be of great help for you.
With this online course I will bring you something that I have received for myself, researched and experienced over many years. I apply this knowledge in my practice as well as in my life.
It is the knowledge and the connection to an immeasurable power that is given to every human being.
I will help you to regain courage, strength, harmony and confidence for your life.
We activate your self-healing power, which will bring you back health, love and happiness
You can use these techniques first for yourself  and then for the healing of other people, animals, places ...

It is now a time to return to your own values, wisdom and ancient knowledge.
This awareness frees you from crippling fear.
You gain security and strength.
You step into your own wisdom and learn to trust yourself.
You recognize your worth and regain your self-love.

Join me in this online course and return to your source.
Learn again to work with the natural, elemental forces to find healing
and to go your own way.











What you can expect for yourself:

You will

  • awaken the healer in you,

  • work with your own healing power, the forces of life

  • set up a place in your home that gives you protection and strength for your daily life

  • get to know effective rituals for healing, strength and wish fulfillment

  • create your own tools - create "magic stones" - and thus take up the forces of the elements again

  • follow in the footsteps of the druids, the celts and get to know the wisdom of the germanic people, activate new skills, inner wisdom ...
    You will experience a completely new approach to self-healing and self-empowerment. It will provide you with a key to reconnecting with your own beautiful source! Join me for this special occasion.


This online course is offered by the divine, feminine and masculine forces,
follow me in the footsteps of the druids, of Merlin and Arthur,
the goddess Artemis, the power of Exalibur
the earth guardian and many more

You can participate easily from your place at home, at your time and space.


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