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“Feel the primal energy of nature in ‘Bear’s Realm,’ where the untamed forces of the wild collide with the raw power within. Against a backdrop of vibrant blue and fiery orange-red hues, a majestic bear is surrounded by the wilderness. Roses encircle the bear, symbolizing strength and beauty amidst the untamed landscape. As the sun and moon converge in the background, their presence brings a sense of great expression and power to this captivating scene. Let the untamed spirit within you resonate with the wild beauty of the Bears Real"


Print  on high quality canvas

Sizes:   starting from 80 x 60 cm (24x32"), plus frames on request

Highly recommended: Larger sizes starting from: 100x180 cm  and frames

Just Ask!

Material: 100% canvas fabric
Frame: high-quality frame
Print: high-quality, picture perfect and in full colour
Mounting system: incorporated into the back of the canvas

The Bear's Realm

€ 217,00Prezzo
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