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About me

I am a visonary artist, author, healer
life and business consultant and coach

(Dipl-Betriebswirtin) business economist,

creativity teacher ...

and a qualified leadership trainer

for over 25 years.





Inspired by the mysteries of the universe, subtle and parallel realities, archetypes and the collective unconscious, the interplay of light and shadow, I repeatedly explore bridges between spirituality, science and art, philosophy, imagination, perception and the development of consciousness.

I am a pure healing channel. My natural connection is my greatest gifts and my guidance for miracles.
These miracles are in every person and are the source of a life with joy, love and prosperity.
I am a pioneer who is curious, keeps researching and trying things out to create art, meditations, courses that helps other people to discover and develop their own genius.


I love how creative, artistic expression can support healing, self-esteem, self-worth and development. Over the past 25 years I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in business, spirituality, sports, art and communication, personal and transpersonal psychology, the exploration of colors, archetypes, patterns, symbols, self-healing and awareness. As a graduate in business administration, qualified leadership trainer and coach, teacher of the art of expression, I use my experiences, accompany and inspire others to find their unique creative paths and to become the creators of their own lives.

Artistic, creative work opens up a space for us in which we can keep pushing our boundaries. Art and creative expression is our human way of telling our relationship with the world. Creativity is pure love energy and represents the natural order of life. All life is saturated with this power. The mystery of creation, the healing power of light and its close relationship for a fulfilled life has been a continuous path of my inner research for many years.

My Work: I do not belong to any political or spiritual group, religion or new age movement, nor do I represent a specific way or represent anyone. I create new ways of working with the body and nature and opening a space for natural flow and prosperity. Everything I am, I experienced by myself. I am a highly creative being who loves to share the own experience.

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