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About me

Good Vibrations!

I am Pioneer in the domain of Sound, Color, and Form, harnessing Color as a dynamic force for harmony that transcends conventional boundaries. Like a tuning fork for body, mind, soul, and space, Color becomes a transformative tool, reshaping traditional perceptions. It pulsates with energy, infusing life with vitality, healing, and creation. Color, with its ability to uplift emotions and unlock inner sanctuaries, is the essence of vitality itself. It holds the power to enact profound life changes. Experience the journey torwards oneness and harmony like never before.


" Harmonizing ancient wisdom with contemporary living, I empower a journey torwards holistic well-being where unity of self and world thrives."

I am  a German visionary artist, author, healing medium, trainer, entrepreneur living in Sardinia at the Costa Smeralda.
My love for creativity, art and careful communication started early in my life. After finishing my studies in european business administration (MBA, Dipl. Betriebsw.) and marketing, I  worked with international companies and specialized on corporate identity and marketing. There was no turning back from visionary thinking and finding unique ways of successful expression.

Inspired by the high-tech wave in 2009, I began to run my own marketing business consultancy. I used new forms such as big public events for my creative expression. I havn’t stopped innovating new ways that continue to push the boundaries on what can be done with the own genius.

In 2018 I first came to the Island of Sardinia and felt so much inspired by the mediteranean colors, light, people and landscape that I decided to start something new.

I now live the life I always wanted in being a colorful creator and trainer inspiring and connecting people through my art and tools for self-healing, self-love, and empowerment.
I love sharing my wisdom and knowledge gained over almost 30 years in assisting and guiding thousands
of people to become the architects of their lives by highlighting the influential role of creativity in manifesting positive change.
I create unique artworks through textures, patterns, various fabrics, papers, textiles, dried flowers, shells, wood... that I transform into art which is full of the colors and energy of the natural life forces. Each of my works with various mediums show my creativity and own source connection that produce the type of unique artworks which draw the attention of art lovers from all over the world.

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