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Joyful Living by Sahan Elisa

Special Order

Personalized paintings offer a deep connection, layered with methaphors, meaningful symbols, animals, flowers, . ..specifically resonating with you. This will be a one of a kind piece created uniquely for you, birthed through my gift of visionary seeing.

I would love to create a special piece just for you! In order to have the best outcome for your painting, it's good to relate to one of the four specific styles as shown below but not to force any specific imagery. You can also send me a picture of you and the space you would like to hang your painting. Keep the ideas open for my interpretation as I will create the best version for yourself and your space.

Due to high demand, I am only accepting commission requests with a deposit. Keep in mind, custom paintings take longer to produce (1-2 months). Available to ship worldwide. This deposit is non-refundable, and will be applied towards the overall cost of the commission. If you decide not to go through with the commission after paying, you can app
ly the payment towards any products on my website.

For your guidance: Prices for personal paintings depend on size and style.
Start from medium size 495,00 - 650.00 Euros (for example ca.50x60 cm or 60x70cm),
Large Size: 900.00 Euro - 1500.00 Euros (ca.100 x 100cm, 200 x 100cm...)

Prizes are without shipping cost.

So far, my clients have always been overwhelmed by the results.
I love to create something really special for you!
Contact me right now.

Image Gallery

To me art is far more than just a painting. It is a way of communication, storytelling, connecting, self-empowerment,  ... Creative living gives us the freedom of just well-being!

I am a pioneer in exploring sound, colour and form, always trying to create something meaningful for yourself, your private or business space. Just to make you or your clients feel well!

Spielendes Mädchen - Foto 1_edited_edited.jpg

What my clients say

This picture has found its way over to me, not simply because I love it, but because it touches me in my innermost being. In a miraculous way it gives expression and shape to a very special moment of utter joy in my life. .. A feeling of happiness arises at the sight of the little girl, ...sending off her boat from a safe harbor on its journey across the sea of puddles towards the horizon. I know this state of mind, which cannot be more fulfilling - at least that's how I remember it. ... It uncovers a feeling of loss and awakens a deep-seated longing within myself. This is when the little one tenderly invites me to set out to search for what I have lost, and I already sense it, the journey goes to the inside. At the same time, she also cautions me not to lose focus: "Don't get distracted, find a quiet spot, just be yourself!" And just in the flurry of stirring emotions, I find comfort in the painting's warm colors and frugal carefree mood. Cheerfully blooming flowers and florets and birds not randomly flitting around, listen as much as I do to the wisdom of the old wall, enchanted by the intimate playing of the smiling child. There is hardly a place where I currently prefer to sit than at the foot of this mural. I have the honor of knowing a person who is able to read the souls of living beings so aptly and give them shape with such incredible sensitivity. . Thank you so much!!! Sabeth Sissi F.


Thank you

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