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“Step into the realm of compassion with this indoor street art masterpiece, where a little girl extends a tender hand towards a cat. As the door tells its own story and the window reveals a glimpse into the universe, a little bird perches nearby, serving as a personal messenger from the sky. Through intricate details and heartfelt imagery, this painting embodies the beauty of connection and empathy, inviting viewers to embrace the universal language of compassion.”

Print  on high quality canvas

Sizes:   50 x 50 cm (20x20"), plus frames on request

Highly recommended: Larger sizes starting from: 100x100 cm (39,37x39,37") and frames


Material: 100% canvas fabric
Frame: high-quality frame
Print: high-quality, picture perfect and in full colour
Mounting system: incorporated into the back of the canvas

The Realm of Compassion - Art Wall (2 Canvases)

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