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“Experience the enchantment of the cosmos in ‘Born Under a Star,’ where celestial guidance meets the depths of the ocean. In this captivating painting, a radiant sea star symbolizes our connection to the celestial realm, guiding us through the boundless expanse of time and space. Amidst a vibrant underwater scene of golden and blue hues, coral reefs come to life with vibrant energy, inviting you to embark on a journey of cosmic wonder and discovery.”

Print  on high quality canvas

Sizes: 30cmx30cm (12x12") or 50 x 50 cm (20x20"), plus frames on request

Optional: Customized larger sizes recommended starting from: 100x100 cm (39,37x39,37") and frames on request


Material: 100% canvas fabric

Frame: high-quality frame

Print: high-quality, picture perfect and in full colour

Mounting system: incorporated into the back of the canvas

Born Under a Star - Art Wall (2 Canvases)

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